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Birnbaum® plastic proofing baskets

Our plastic brotforms are an intelligent alternative to the traditional rattan proofing baskets. They are easy to use and clean and deliver results that will definitely convince you.

All of our know-how of the baking process of 170-year company history influenced development of the light, robust proofing baskets made of durable polypropylene. They are suitable for small artisan bakeries as well as for production processes of the large-scale industry.

Birnbaum® plastic proofing baskets: easy and hygienic work.

Use without cloths and chemical additives. The special construction and inner structure of the plastic brotforms effect that the dough does not stick to the basket and comes off without any problems. Bottom and side vents provide moisture exchange and an even proofing. The result speaks for itself. The traditional bread pattern remains, a deeper crust develops and gives your bread a distinct taste and a fantastic flavour.

Plastic proofing baskets: single or basket sets

We offer different sizes and shapes of plastic proofing baskets. Long, round, and angular baskets as well as baskets for sliced bread. If required, we also produce customized basket sets for use by hand and in industrial bread production lines: choose length, amount and arrangement of plastic proofing baskets according to your needs.
Do you have any questions regarding the working method of our proofing baskets made of plastic? Our products will convince you.
birnbaum gaerkoerbchen aus kunststoff lang typ axk
birnbaum gaerkoerbchen aus kunststoff rund typ gxk
birnbaum gaerkoerbchen aus kunststoff oval typ aok
birnbaum gaerkoerbchen aus kunststoff schnittbrot typ axk
birnbaum gaerkoerbchen aus kunststoff verband typ axk

Plastic proofing baskets guarantee an efficient production process

In order to guarantee first-class product quality, all working tools in a bakery must get cleaned regularly from flour, grease and remaining dough. Our plastic brotforms provide a real benefit: unlike many traditional proofing baskets, you can simply clean them in the dish washer. They become hygienically clean and are immediately ready for use. The result is a clean and efficient production process which saves you a lot of time and offers an increase of hygiene.

Treatment after cleaning/first use

In order to achieve best results, please treat your plastic brotforms before first use and after cleaning like follows:


In order to create tiny water pearls on the inner surface, spray the inside of a dry basket lightly and evenly with water.


Afterwards, dust basket with a 50/50 mixture of rye flour and potato starch. Repeat procedure after 5 minutes of application time again, to create a thin and even flour layer.


After a short drying time, the plastic brotform is again ready to use and you only have to dust it before each use like you are used to.

Did you already know that…?

Nowadays, polypropylene (PP), which was developed in the 1950’s, is the most commonly used plastic material. It is shock- and heat-resistant and very durable. As it is also odourless, skin-friendly and food-safe, the pharmacy sector uses it as well as the food sector. This is why our plastic proofing baskets are also made of PP.

Proofing baskets made of plastic: tested and convincing

In order to guarantee you an optimal product, all proofing baskets from Herbert Birnbaum are subject to strict safety and quality controls. Our proofing baskets made of plastic are tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland: a German product safety company you can trust.

Our plastic proofing baskets are solely intended for fermenting dough.
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