Gärkörbchen aus Kunststoff

Birnbaum® display baskets made of rattan

Present your freshly baked goods with display baskets by Herbert Birnbaum. Natural colours, organic material and high-quality workmanship make our display baskets to a decorative eye-catcher in every sales area. The firm wooden frame prevents warping and gives the baskets a secure footing. The weaving material rattan is very robust and therefore durable.

Whether you want to present rolls, bread, baguette or another pastry, in a classical display basket by Herbert Birnbaum, they always look best. Available in the following colours: natural, gold, red-brown. Please help yourself!
Standardformen aus Peddigrohr

Baguette baskets

French bread is not only popular in France! However, baguettes can easily break, especially if they are fresh. This is why display baskets for baguettes must meet special requirements.

Present your French bread deliciously and appealingly in our decorative baguette baskets, without crushing them. Available in the following colours: natural, gold and red-brown.
Gärkörbchen Sonderformen

Baskets for rolls

Our baskets offer a lot of space for freshly baked rolls.

The special aspect of the display baskets is that rolls are always available. When goods are withdrawn, new rolls slide down and are therefore always within reach – easy and useful. Available in the colour natural.
Gärkörbchen mit Gravuren

Basket base

Make more out of your display baskets. With our basket base you quickly transform your display basket into a decorative presentation basket. It is 86 cm high and therefore has got the perfect height for accessing your goods – by the way, you whet the appetite of your customers. The basket base is perfect for presenting your baked goods in shops or as a practical addition for your buffet. Available in the colours natural and red-brown.

How to clean your display basket

You purchase tested quality from us! Our display baskets are carefree and easy to clean. A thin layer of food-safe lacquer prevents the weaving material from entering water and protects against dirt. If necessary, clean wet and at low temperatures. In this way, your baskets remain hygienically clean and don’t lose their shape.

Did you already know that…?

Rattan is a natural product made of the trunk of the rotang palm. Traditionally, it is often used for producing wickerwork such as display baskets and braided (seating) furniture. Before bending and braiding the organic material, it must get damped and heated. After drying and cooling, the rattan is again stiff and very durable. By the way, rattan is also made of the rotang palm. We use rattan for more than 100 years for producing proofing baskets.

More than just a display basket!

Display baskets by Herbert Birnbaum are classic baskets for goods – but they can offer more than just that. Thanks to their high-quality workmanship and decorative appearance, they are versatile. Use them as hanging basket in your bakery, as presentation basket on the buffet or as a bicycle basket for your movable bakery. This way bread and rolls will always get to your customers fresh and delicious.

Good advice, short delivery time

Do you have questions regarding our display baskets, custom-made brotforms or other products of our range? We are specialists for bakery technology and will be happy to advise you. With our experience of more than 165 years of corporate history, we will find the right solution for every demand. Numerous products in standard sizes are available for immediate delivery.
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