Bakery equipment

Bakery technology at the highest level: We offer sophisticated bakery equipment for artisan bakeries, medium-sized companies and the large-scale industry. By using bread and pastry sprayer, cleaning machine and brushes by Herbert Birnbaum, you receive better results and hygienic cleanliness – and in less time. Set new standards!
Herbert-Birnbaum Reinigungsmaschine

Birnbaum® cleaning machine and brushes

Our bakery machines make the day-to-day business in large and small bakeris easier. We offer premium bakery equipment so that you get hygenic clean proofing baskets without effort and save time as well.

Birnbaum® cleaning machine Type B

This bakery machine is a strong table machine which ensures a fast, easy, dust-free and thoroughly cleaning of your proofing baskets. Wield the proofing basket over the rotating brush with light pressure. Robust plastic bristles remove even dry dough which gets sucked into the dust bag immediately. This process is non-destructive, eco-friendly and time-saving. In this way, you can easily clean up to 400 proofing baskets within one hour.

Delivery: machine type B, brush no. 1, dust bag
Power supply: 3 phase connector 3P-PE(6h) 16A, 400V/16A CEE plug

Birnbaum® special brushes

Our cleaning brushes are an essential bakery equipment and very flexible in use. We have matched different types with requirements of different baking tins. In this way, an optimum cleaning of high or slim baking tins, trays for rolls, tube pans etc. is assured. You also stay flexible when choosing the fitting machine. You can adapt the brush with a fitting shaft to your mixing machine, attach it to a drilling machine or use it in our cleaning machine type B – just as you are used to. In this way, you save a lot of time and effort when cleaning your bakery equipment.

Find the fitting brush for your use in our range of bakery equipment.
birnbaum reinigungsmaschine fuer gaerkoerbchen typ B
birnbaum staubsack fuer reinigungsmaschine typ B
birnbaum buerste nr 1 mit schaft
birnbaum buerste nr 1
birnbaum schaft fuer buerste nr 1
birnbaum buerste nr 2 mit schaft
birnbaum buerste nr 2 schmal
birnbaum buerste nr 3 mit schaft
birnbaum buerste nr 3 breit
birnbaum schaft fuer buerste nr 2 und 3
birnbaum buerste nr 4 mit schaft bohrmaschine
birnbaum buerste nr 4 rund
birnbaum buerste nr 4b mit schaft bohrmaschine
birnbaum buerste nr 4B
birnbaum buerste nr 4c mit schaft bohrmaschine
birnbaum buerste nr 4C
birnbaum schaft fuer buerste nr 4 bohrmaschine

Birnbaum® bread and pastry sprayer

A bread and pastry sprayer should not be lacking in any bakery: it is essential to receive the best quality of bread and rolls. The fine nozzle provides an even wetting of the goods before or after baking. With a comfortable working length up to 6 m and a ½'' tap water connector, the bread and pastry sprayer is easily connectable and flexible in use. Thanks to different available varieties, this bakery equipment is a very versatile tool. We offer the bread and pastry sprayer as complete set consisting of hose (6 m) and pistol (spray pipe 15/60/100 cm or 100 cm with double nozzle) or as individual parts (hose and pistol).

Technical data:

Max. operating pressure: 10 bar

Recommended working pressure: 2-6 bar

Operating temperature: +5°C to +50°C

Spray cone: approx. 40°

Possible applications for the bread and pastry sprayer:

Before baking: spray the dough directly before putting it in the oven. This way, the thin external skin becomes particularly elastic.
After baking: spray the baked goods as soon as they get out of the oven. By this, you seal the surface (pores) and the crumb remains soft. At the same time, your breads get a nice glance and an appealing browning.
Generation of vapours: you can also use your bread and pastry sprayer to generate vapours in multi-deck ovens.
Click here for our spare parts list.
wassersprueher lebensmittel drucksprueher 1,5l
birnbaum wassersprueher komplett typ bg
birnbaum wassersprueher pistole typ bg
birnbaum wassersprueher schlauch typ bg

Bakery equipment by Herbert Birnbaum: innovation with tradition

We put all of our know-how and experience from more than 165-years of corporate history into the development of our equipment for bakery machines. We know the demands of traditional, artisan bakeries as well as of modern, industrial bakery production. This is why our products meet all requirements on high-quality bakery equipment for daily use. We have long-term business relationships with a lot of customers from Germany, Europe and all over the world. They all appreciate our flexible in use, innovative bakery equipment which helps to receive better freshly baked goods and provides faster cleaning of working tools without a dish washer.

✓ Best quality. ✓ Best advice.

We want you to be 100 % satisfied. We therefore are happy to make time for consulting you. You have questions regarding our bakery equipment, availabilities, delivery times or custom-made products? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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